Sealy Vs Serta Vs Simmons Mattress Toppers

It’s almost obligatory to provide mattresses with pillow tops. Apart from providing comfort to the users pillow top acts as a shield for the main mattress. Before anything goes to damage the mattress, even the normal wear and tear, the pillow tops intervene and safeguard the mattress, thus extending its life.

Best Mattress toppers come to your rescue when you are not in a position to afford a new mattress for your bed. Just buy a new pillow top and give new looks to your bed. While buying a new pillow top, you need to take care of same points as if buying a new mattress.

Most consumers consider choosing Sealy, Simmons or Serta, all made from visco elastic memory technology that gives improved comfort and offers additional support. Here are summarized reviews of the mattresses available these days, helping you to choose that suits you most.

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Serta Mattress Topper

This brand draws good reviews with a high satisfactory rating. Its thickness of four inches is slightly more than what most others have to offer. Some consumers find it to be a bit too heavy, but all the memory foam mattresses are heavy. Others report its size to be slightly shorter for a normal sized mattress, but recommend it for its comfort. It’s reported to be of great help to those looking for relief from backache. It costs just a little more than $180.

Sealy Classic Down Mattress Topper

Users give it a lower satisfactory rating than Seta but it has other plus points. It claims to offer a cradling effect on your body that supports better sleeping posture and alignment. It comprises of health-friendly MicroFiber clusters that provide the needed comfort. It comes with elastic anchor bands that facilitate its attachment to the existing mattress. If you like your mattress to be soft, this is the one for you. It sells for just $130, which is lower than Serta.


Simmons Foam Topper Pad

It earns a rating just below Serta. The users find it helpful for getting relief from backache and acid reflux. That’s because its design keeps your head and upper body raised to a slightly higher level. Consumers say it works very well to provide complete comfort to body. Yet, users complain of slight odor on opening the package but the smell disperses after you leave it in air for sometime. Others had problems finding the right sized sheets, as it did not offer a perfect fit. This comes cheaper than Serta, a little over $140.


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